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First Fully Automated Parking Garage in Copenhagen

Posted on | June 22, 2010 | No Comments

In the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen you can now send your car underground and have it collected again – completely automatically. Copenhagen City Council has opened the first of three underground car parks, where ALECTIA is the consulting company.

In the new car park only the cars go underground. You deposit your car in one of the lifts, go to the registration machine and the fully automated lift system sends you car down to an available parking shelf.


This car park provides Inner Nørrebro with 164 underground parking spaces and a new recreational area in the southern part of the district.

“The new car park enables us to get some of the cars placed underground so that we can recapture the urban space for pedestrians and cyclists. In this way, we are able to create a framework for a good life in Copenhagen,” says Mayor of Technical and Environmental Administration Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, who cut the ribbon at the opening of the car park.

Better parking and better urban spaces
A fully automated car park takes up less space than a conventional car park. At street level the only things visible are the two lifts where you leave and collect your car. Underground, the system only takes up a small amount of space because the cars are packed closely together in the shelf system. In addition to the underground parking spaces, there is now enough space next to the system for a small recreational area with benches and trees.

ALECTIA is advising Copenhagen City Council on a further two fully automated car parks, which are under construction on Leifsgade at Islands Brygge and Under Elmene at Amagerbro and will open later in 2010. The three systems have a total capacity of more than 800 parking spaces.  

Facts about the car park

  • Building owner: Copenhagen City Council, the Technical and Environmental Administration.  
  • The car park system is located at the southern end of Nørre Allé in Copenhagen.
  • 164 parking places underground distributed across four floors.
  • Two lifts at the top where you deliver and collect your car.
  • Fully automated lift system, which places the car on an available parking shelf and then returns it to the top again. No people or animals allowed in the system.
  • It takes 2-4 minutes for the system to collect a car.
  • Maximum car size: 5.20 m long / 2.20 m wide / 2.00 m high.
  • Residents and business permits for License Zone ST can also be used in the system. Permit holders must use a special P token to park.
  • Drivers without a permit for the zone may park in the system if they pay by credit card. It costs the same as parking in the street.
  • Construction start: April 2008. Opening June: 2010.
  • The car park forms part of Copenhagen City Council’s parking strategy, whose goal is to limit vehicular traffic, improve traffic flow and the urban environment, as well as to provide local residents and businesses with improved parking facilities.   


How to use the car park

  • Drive the car onto the platform in the lift, engage the handbrake and go to the registration machine.
  • When registering your car, use your P-token or your payment card. You must confirm that all passengers have left the car and the lift.
  • The fully automated lift will lower the car to one of the car park’s four floors.
  • In the system a shuttle car takes over the platform with the car on it and transports it to an available shelf.
  • When collecting the car, you use the same parking token or payment card as when you left it. It takes 2-4 minutes for the system to collect the car.
  • When the car is ready for collection in the lift, the gates and doors will open. You can now go to your car and drive out.  


Adapted frm ALECTIA A/S


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