Automated Robotic Parking

A professional look at the automated parking industry.

New parking system installed in Ottawa for condominiums at The Eddy

The Eddy, a new condominium development project at 1000 Wellington Street in Ottawa has been installed and CTV News has covered the story. You can read more about it here. Read more

More Common Overseas, Automated Parking Garages are Popping Up in the US

There’s a new perk in high-end apartment buildings—fully robotic parking lots. No more careless valet dinging the Rolls at 1706 Rittenhouse, Philadelphia. Tenants pull their car onto a lift and the system takes it from there. When a tenant wants to leave, they swipe a special fob, and the system locates and retrieves their car. […]

Automated Parking may be the answer to LA’s parking problems

The fully-automated parking garage could soon be the wave of the future for a city where there is a premium on parking spaces. City Councilman Paul Krekorian and City Controller Wendy Greuel were among several city officials on hand Wednesday [February 20, 2013] to celebrate the opening of AutoParkiT, the first automated parking system of […]

You Tube: West Hollywood Automated Parking Garage

Tracy Savage speaks with Don Monahan, VP of Walker Parking Consultants about the West Hollywood City Hall Automated Garage and Community Plaza Project. The City of West Hollywood has contracted with Unitronics to design, engineer, fabricate, install and maintain a 200-car automated vehicle storage and retrieval system.

Why America Needs More Robotic Parking

More primitive elevator-style parking has been around since the mid–20th century, but advanced automatic garages are more like three-dimensional chessboards: hydraulic pallets and computerized shelving park up to 250 cars per hour, with 32 cars in motion at any time. As cities become denser, the cost of high-density parking begins to pencil out for developers […]

New medical office building includes fully automated parking system

A new 50,000-square foot medical office building has opened for business on the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center campus at 1223 16th St., Santa Monica.  According to UCLA Health System, the building features the West Coast’s first fully automated parking system, which automatically parks and retrieves visitors’ cars while they wait in a nearby parking lobby. […]

Can Automated Robotic Parking be Therapeutic?

The new ONE48 Condominiums, located at 148 East 24th Street in Gramercy Park, have finally hit the market with occupancy expected to start in fall. In addition to the luxury amenities of a common roof terrace, bike storage, and a  live-in super, there will be a media room where a ballet of cars can be […]

UCLA Medical Center to get 250-car eValet Parking `System

UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA is going to be using an automated parking system referred to as eValet which has been engineered and built by Criterion Manufacturing Solutions out of West Michigan. 

Canada’s first automated parking garage to be maintained by Neutron and Bosa

When Bosa needed to find a local contractor to provide annual maintenance and rapid response EM service to Canada’s first automated parking garage located at the brand new Jamieson Place project in Vancouver, it didn’t take long for them to decide on Neutron. As the only contractor in BC to provide mechanical, electrical, programming and […]

Santa Monica Medical Building first of kind to offer automated parking

Excerpt from How Parking Impacts Your Medical Practice  In general, parking structures are less appealing to patients, doctors and support staff. They can be confusing if they are poorly designed, making it hard for your patients to find elevators and remember the level where they parked. Lighting and cleanliness also is a greater concern with […]

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