Automated Robotic Parking

A professional look at the automated parking industry.

How to Uncover a “Staged” Automated Parking System Demonstration

I think we all know that it is possible to “stage” the demonstration of new parking technology so the system appears to be fully functional, when in fact it is still very far from that reality. To ensure you are making an educated evaluation, follow these suggestions to fully test a new system:

Boomerang Systems Commences Implementation of Automated Parking Facility

Construction has commenced inside the structure that will house an automated robotic parking system at the new 304- unit Costa Hollywood Condominium Resort. In addition to providing a unique luxury amenity that compliments the resort’s other array of upscale features it is a space saving technology permitting the developer to more efficiently, effectively and economically utilize its allowable building […]

More Common Overseas, Automated Parking Garages are Popping Up in the US

There’s a new perk in high-end apartment buildings—fully robotic parking lots. No more careless valet dinging the Rolls at 1706 Rittenhouse, Philadelphia. Tenants pull their car onto a lift and the system takes it from there. When a tenant wants to leave, they swipe a special fob, and the system locates and retrieves their car. […]

Oman’s first automated basement car parking area

An office building in Al Ghubra is the first of its kind in Oman to install an automated car parking basement, with 66 car parking spaces made possible in a 600 square metre-area without any ramps for driving in or out.

The Historical Society of Martin County Selects Boomerang Systems for new Elliot Museum

Boomerang Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: BMER) a leading designer and manufacturer of automated robotic parking and self-storage systems announces that construction has begun on the new Elliot Museum, which will feature a 55-space fully automated parking system supplied by Boomerang to display the Stuart, Florida museum’s antique car collection. The Elliott Museum was originally founded in […]

MCD parking lots stuck in limbo

The development of parking lots by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) appears to be in limbo as the civic body is yet to complete construction of the majority of the 41 projects conceived. According to the latest MCD report, the parking projects are stuck due to one reason or another, which include tendering and difficulty […]

New Delhi Automated Parking Structures operational by Early July

Sarojin Nagar will provide parking space for 824 vehicles and Baba Kharak Singh Marg will provide parking for 1,408 vehicles, easing the chaos at Connaught Place. The Sarojin Nagar parking lot will also have 25% commercial space that will act as an additional commercial complex for people to shop in. “The parking lot is being […]

West Hollywood Automated Parking structure to begin in 2012

The 200-car automated parking structure approved for West Hollywood will begin construction in 2012. The cars would be stored in the five-story structure through a process of motorized lifts, conveyers and shuttles. The project is expected to cost $13 million, and will include a community plaza area.  The technology is expected to reduce CO2 emissions.

Not everything stays in Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- but that won’t be the case when you visit RECon 2011, you’ll want to take home and share the great innovations and products on view.  I invite you to stop by and visit Boomerang Systems, booth S6141 in the Green Zone, to learn more about the […]

Paranoia-Free Parking – 3 Years and All Good

If you’ve ever had the dubious pleasure of being a monthly customer at a New York City parking garage, you’re probably aware that the price—approximately that of a roomy one-bedroom in any other metropolitan area—is only the start-up cost. You’ve also got to suffer the opprobrium of the attendants if you give them less than […]

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