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Automated Parking Garage Is Latest Luxury Perk in Real Estate

Posted on | June 20, 2011 | No Comments

In a story filed by NY1’s Real Estate reporter the Automated Parking Garage is hailed as a new, high-tech system that is surprisingly environmentally friendly.

An automated parking system is no longer a dream in an auto show or a fancy display trick at a car dealership, but is now the latest perk in luxury real estate.  “Automatic parking is the ability for a customer to drive in, take their keys, leave their car for the machine to park. It is a hands-free, person-free parking process,” says Ari Milstein of Automotion Parking Systems.

Resembling a vending machine for your vehicle, this conveyor system is first being brought to New York by Automotion Parking Systems. At a time when developers are looking to make the most out of every piece of land, this space-saving parking technology can park cars in half the amount of space as a traditional lot.

The company has three locations, including a new development on East 24th Street in Gramercy Park. “We’re able to fit 61 cars in a 36-foot by a 100-foot site where a conventional parking garage would never be able to be built in and there’s no wasted space,” says Milstein. “There’s no need for additional headroom, or circulation space, or driving space or driving lanes.”

A customer pulls in to the lot, and the machine measures the car and takes a photo. Once the consumer answers a few questions at a kiosk, a ticket is given and the garage door closes. Then, like a conveyor system in a warehouse, this machine whisks the entire floor, or palette, that the car is parked on and places it in one of the storage bays. Before it parks, the device first turns the car so it is in the proper direction to drive out. There is no need for a bumper bully at these garages, because no one is driving the car and causing dings and dents. A lot of customers also like that come holiday time, there is no tipping. It takes about two-and-a-half minutes for a car to be retrieved.

It’s also eco-friendly, since the cars are never driven and do not release exhaust fumes. The garages are creating a draw for developers who want to offer parking as an amenity. Many cars can fit into a small space, which leaves room for developers to build extra condo units or commercial space into their projects.

Adapted from NYC’S 24 hour newschannel


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