Automated Robotic Parking

A professional look at the automated parking industry.

Two automated parking structures scheduled for construction.

California has two automated parking structures scheduled for construction.  West Hollywood is moving forward with a 200 car automated garage for city hall.  Boomerang Systems was in the top three but the final vote came in for Unitronics’ bid at $2.6 million dollars.  They anticipate breaking ground next year and having a 2013 opening.  Chinatown’s […]

UCLA Medical Center to get 250-car eValet Parking `System

UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA is going to be using an automated parking system referred to as eValet which has been engineered and built by Criterion Manufacturing Solutions out of West Michigan. 

Fully automated six-level underground parking moves forward

A fully automated six-level underground parking is mired in controversy with fears that it threatens a tomb in the vicinity.

2nd Automated Parking System in Copenhagen delivered

Copenhagen’s Mayor Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard has just opened Europe’s largest automated parking garage Leifsgade.

Santa Monica Medical Building first of kind to offer automated parking

Excerpt from How Parking Impacts Your Medical Practice  In general, parking structures are less appealing to patients, doctors and support staff. They can be confusing if they are poorly designed, making it hard for your patients to find elevators and remember the level where they parked. Lighting and cleanliness also is a greater concern with […]

St. Patrick’s Day Top 5 GREEN Reasons for Considering Robotic, Automated Parking

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I want to share my top 5 GREEN reasons for considering robotic, automated parking. (1) Increased Air Quality Since the automobile’s engine is off during the parking process a significant decrease in toxic emissions is realized. I was recently asked to provide supporting emission data for an 800 space […]

Coming Soon: Robots Parking Cars in West Hollywood, Calif.

If you can imagine a parking garage with a valet service run by robots, then you have a good idea of what’s up the road in West Hollywood, Calif. In June, city officials plan to issue a request for qualifications (RFQ) for the city’s first fully automated parking garage for City Hall visitors, staff and […]

How Legacy Automated Parking Systems Work

For the last year and a half or so, we bombarded you with news about how many vehicles any given manufacturer sells each month. We witnessed together how millions after millions after millions of vehicles find new owners each year worldwide. Toyota alone, to give you an example, sells around 8 and a half million […]

World Parking Symposium -Tech Solutions

Excerpt from Simple Solutions and Complex Technology at the World Parking Symposium Technological Solutions Several speakers presented on how high tech automated parking systems are being used to make more efficient use of garage space by eliminating access ramps and lanes. These systems function like giant filing cabinets for cars. Drivers simply park their vehicle […]

The Valet You Don’t Have To Tip

The new first law of real estate: location, location, robot parking garage.

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