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Shuttle Parking System

Shuttle systems utilize transfer cabins to park and retrieve vehicles from the system, autonomous robots to move vehicles to and from elevators and parking spaces, and lifts to gain access to multiple floors or height variances.

DSS Shuttle rows



The number of vehicles deep that are stored in a parking space may vary, however the deeper you nest the vehicles, the longer it takes to retrieve the ones parked in back.



Vehicle Lifting RobotSome systems do not use platforms (named trayless systems) to move the vehicles around. The trayless aspect of the system is facilitated by a robot with roller arms that lift the vehicle by its tires. Basically the robot positions itself under the vehicle and then swings its arms out to scoop up the tires.

Lifts are used when multiple floors or level transitions are employed. Some are designed to transport the robot along with the vehicle, others just allow the vehicle to ride.

DSS Trayless Shuttle Parking System



Based on the design of the system, rotating a vehicle (so it can be driven away forward) can be accomplished in the transfer cabin, on a robot or at designated locations within the parking system.

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